Day 1- self portrait

5 Aug

Ok. I’m actually doing it!

Day 1: self portrait

I think someone commented here to point me in the direction of “A month of Instax”, but I cannot find the comment now. Either way, that rocks. I’ll start doing the same, with this photo challenge. I don’t think I will post every single Instax-photo here, but I’ll make a collage or something, like she has done, when it’s over, and you can see the result then. As of now, this is the first photo:

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You make me smile…

4 Aug

I finally got around to using the hand-stitched exclusive tag from Amy Tangerine!

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Made with sketch from Pagemaps, you might have seen this photo before. Also, please sign up for my giveaway! I’m giving away a red Smashbook, completely free. I’ll ship internationally.

30 day photo challenge… Starting tomorrow

4 Aug

As the procrastination I am, I won’t start this today… Tomorrow is the day!

And I still want to give away my red Smashbook

Wordless Wednesday

3 Aug


A picture of a layout of a hand holding a picture + GIVEAWAY!

2 Aug

I combined this week’s Sunday sketch and Weekly challenge from Studio Calico today, in a super-easy layout. The photo is a photo of the first photo from my new Instax camera. Wow.. That’s a whole lotta “photo”s! And since this is so meta as you can get, which almost made my husband’s head explode (or so he says), I had to include a photo of me holding the layout with a a photo of my hand holding a photo…!

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Also, I’ll be hosting a give-away. Blog/tweet/post about this giveaway, and then comment on this post with a link to where you’ve posted about it for a chance to win one red Smash book from K&Co.! Also, the more places you post about this giveaway, the more chance you have of winning! Winner will be announced on August 16th 🙂

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28 Jul

Another entry!

I was going to make a layout about the mess I’ve made of this apartment, as I got a photo of the kitchen table a couple of days ago. I did make the layout, in 30 minutes or so, but I’m not happy with it and won’t be showing it. Seriously!

I did, however, make another page. After getting a large format printer for Yule, I haven’t used it much, but it was put to good use today as I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go for printing the photo on photo paper or white cardstock. I printed both, but went for the paper.

The title says “A detour” and the journaling is about the car trip we made last Friday. Photo taken as we ascended on the Gloppedal scree.

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Made with Studio Calico’s March kit, Candy Shoppe. Inspired by Céline‘s gorgeous full page-photo layouts!

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28 Jul

Ok, so after spending the weekend in front of the TV, and having my husband leave on his amazing week long motorcycle ride on Sunday, I needed something to distract me somewhat. I started scrapping again. In addition to having my own room (for office and craft area), I’ve completely taken over our kitchen table (there will be a post on this very soon) as well as the living room table! I tell myself I cannot scrap in the office as I need the desk to be clean of everything scrap so that I can use the computer on it to write my thesis. So, I’ve set myself up on the kitchen table to be close to my husband while scrapping. But now that he’s gone, I’ve started scrapping on the living room table so that I can watch TV while doing so. You don’t have to tell me, I know I’m taking over this apartment!

But! Here is the layout I made yesterday, with yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday photo! It’s based on the latest sketch from Pencillines, using Studio Calico’s June Kit, Paper Moon.

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I also just noticed that I won last week’s Sketch Thursday with Elle’s Studio, one of my favorite manufacturers these days! Guess who’s going shopping?!

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