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Day 5: Someone I love

9 Aug

Day 5 and I’m still at it! Wow!

Today, “Someone I love”. T was a bit worried I’d pick a cat over him…!

The photo I got of him with the Instax was just so cute, I’m going to share that as well!

Also, I got two other photos I’d like to share. My mom has recently taken in another cat. She wanted me to photograph him so that she could put up posters, send it to the local paper and such, trying to find his owners. The cat is not exactly cooperating with me at the moment, but some photos were taken. This photo, however, is of Fred, which means Peace. Most of the time he’s Fredepusen (Peace-kitty), though.

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You make me smile…

4 Aug

I finally got around to using the hand-stitched exclusive tag from Amy Tangerine!

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Made with sketch from Pagemaps, you might have seen this photo before. Also, please sign up for my giveaway! I’m giving away a red Smashbook, completely free. I’ll ship internationally.


28 Jul

Ok, so after spending the weekend in front of the TV, and having my husband leave on his amazing week long motorcycle ride on Sunday, I needed something to distract me somewhat. I started scrapping again. In addition to having my own room (for office and craft area), I’ve completely taken over our kitchen table (there will be a post on this very soon) as well as the living room table! I tell myself I cannot scrap in the office as I need the desk to be clean of everything scrap so that I can use the computer on it to write my thesis. So, I’ve set myself up on the kitchen table to be close to my husband while scrapping. But now that he’s gone, I’ve started scrapping on the living room table so that I can watch TV while doing so. You don’t have to tell me, I know I’m taking over this apartment!

But! Here is the layout I made yesterday, with yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday photo! It’s based on the latest sketch from Pencillines, using Studio Calico’s June Kit, Paper Moon.

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I also just noticed that I won last week’s Sketch Thursday with Elle’s Studio, one of my favorite manufacturers these days! Guess who’s going shopping?!

Thanks for reading!

Pitching a tent

20 Jul

Yeah, another blog post from me!

Last week husband bought a tent. He’s planning on a motorcycle vacation, but so far the weather has been stopping him from going. He thought it was a good idea to try putting the tent up in the living room before hitting the road. Of course, I documented it all.

Layout made using this sketch from Pencillines, and of course, my gorgeous, brand new Silhouette.

Thank you for reading!

Watching the washer

18 Jul

It’s not the first time, the same happened last year, but then, threats were adequate. Now, nothing. I think we have to realize that we need a new washer. We were going to buy a new one when we move next year, and the timing for this is not the best… However, it did create a fun layout based on this week’s Sunday Sketch from Studio Calico.

Thanks for looking!


15 Jul

My first layout with this month’s Studio Calico kit Mind the Gap, and first layout from an Elle’s Studio sketch!

I got these photos on Wednesday of my husband sunbathing. He wouldn’t define it as such, more as “relaxing, incidentally in the sun”. Either way, he seldom takes his clothes off during the summer (or winter, for that matter), so he is really white! Blendahvit, as we’d say here in Norway (‘Blenda’ being a detergent made specifically for white clothes).

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Thanks for looking!

My Hunk of a Man

11 Jul

Made for this week’s Sunday Sketch from Studio Calico, I finally got around to using some wood veneer shapes and alphas from Studio Calico, as well as some alphas from an old kit + the Cosmo Cricket Core Impressions that I’ve had lying around for a long while now. It was lots of fun sanding the background down, but also very… dusty!

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This is the story: My mom lives in a house with a garden with a few trees. Once, or more, a year, we have to come over to clean the gutters out. But only on one side of the house, for an unknown reason. Husband thinks this has to do with the tree on that side, but he rarely find any leaves in the gutter, mostly soil. Anyway, I love him partly because he does this without any hassle. All he got for it yesterday was strawberries – and he did it while it was pouring down. Just as we got the ladder up, it started to rain. We were both soaking wet by the time we were done.