24 Jul

On Friday, at 3.26pm, a terrorist attack began in Oslo, Norway. A bomb went off in a busy city square outside government offices in the heart of Oslo. Only two minutes before the bomb went off, a tall, blonde man was spotted wearing a police uniform.

At 5pm, reports of shooting at Utøya, Labour Party’s traditional Workers’ Youth League (AUF) youth summer camp. The shooter presented himself as a police officer, who had come over for a routine check following the bombing event in Oslo. He signaled and asked people to gather around him before indiscriminately firing his weapons,killing and injuring numerous people. The terrorist first shot people on the island and later started shooting at people who were trying to escape by swimming across the lake.Terrified youths called for help, twittered for help, updated Facebook to ask for help. Many were helped by locals to came to save them in the small boats.

The shooting lasted for 90 minutes, before the terrorist surrendered to the police. The police were informed about the shooting at 17:27, and at 18:27 the perpetrator had been apprehended.

For many hours, we only knew that two had been killed in the explosion in Oslo, and that there were 10 injured at Utøya. However, survivors claimed many more had died, and there were footage on both TV and the Internet showing people swimming for shore, and worse, what appeared to be dead bodies lying on the shoreline.

at 3:50am, NRK and TV2, the two primary Norwegian television networks, broadcast a live press conference from the Sentrum politistasjon in Oslo where Norway’s National Police Commissioner Øystein Mæland confirmed the number of fatalities at Utøya to have reached “at least 80” with the count expected to increase.

Today, 92 has been confirmed dead. 85 dead at Utøya, 7 dead in the explosion. 4 or 5 are still missing at Utøya, an unknown number still missing from the explosion in Oslo. Many are injured (I believe at least 67 from Utøya, 30 from the explosion).

The terrorist has confessed to the events that have taken place, but has not pledged guilty. His name is Anders Behring Breivik, a 32 year old Norwegian. You can read about him and his beliefs in the Wikipedie article.

This photo was taken at Utøya only a day before the attack:

Only moments before my mom called me to let me know of the explosion, I was in Gloppedalsura, a place attacked by German troops in april, 1940. The photos below were taken just moments before I was made aware of what has been described as the worst event Norway has had to face since the Second World War.

If you want to hear some of the accounts of the brave youths who survived the massacre at Utøya, you can do so here.

And I leave you with this, a quote from a girl who survived, interviewed by CNN:

If a man can show this much hatred, just imagine how much love we can show together.



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  1. Ursula 25/07/2011 at 12:44 am #

    Still praying Margrethe. Hoping your people can find healing and comfort soon.

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