Oh my!

27 Dec

I finally did that cleaning of the office today. Wow! I emptied this drawer unit from IKEA. And some more. I also emptied an entire Clip-it worth of Thickers and put them in a box instead. With the arrival of my new large format printer, I can’t afford to let it occupy that space. What started as a clean-up project ended with re-arranging the entire office. The desk used to be under the window in the left, and although I can’t use the book cases as much as I used to, it feels much more open and spacious. The unreachable space in the book case is used to store some binders from some of my uni courses.

Anyway… I finally got that box full of scrapbooking equipment. I’m also ridding myself of an entire box of papers. Have some people coming in to take a look (and hopefully take something with them). The rest will be donated to a school (if they’ll have it). BUT! I promise that I’ll keep some items that are not too expensive to ship internationally, and I’ll host some more RAKs. So remember to keep checking back! A good way top do just that is to add my blog to your RSS-reader or subscribe (from the button in the menu on the right).

But here are some photos for you…


2 Responses to “Oh my!”

  1. lisa truesdell 28/12/2010 at 1:53 am #

    congrats on freeing up some space!

  2. Jennifer 28/12/2010 at 2:38 am #

    doesn’t it feel to great to clean and reorganize?? I love that!

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