Alter your own binder!

2 Jun

Long time, no blog post…

Today I’ll be sharing a project I just finished: altering my own binder! You can do it, too – might look hard, but really, it’s not. I spent about 1 hour doing this.

1. First cut apart a binder, as seen in the picture.

2. Use duct tape or similar to put it back together again. Tear of a strip and place it under the middle part of the binder, with some extra tape at the top and the bottom.

3. After putting the next element over the tape, with a bit of space between the two elements, wrap the extra tape at the top and bottom over, as seen in photo. Repeat for last element.

4. If you want, add some extra tape on the back as well as the inside of the middle part. That’s it! If you’re looking for ways to decorate your binder, take a look at the rest of the photos!

5. Take a sheet of 12×12 patterned paper. What kind of adhesive you use is up to you, but remember to get it as close to the edge of the paper you can, and add a X across the paper. I used Studio Calico‘s “Bouquet” from their Anthology collection.

6. If the paper is too long, as it was in my case, use a scoring device to make a crease, add some adhesive, as seen in photo, and wrap it around the binder.

7. After completing the steps above, this is what my binder looks like. Have to add some extra tape…

8.Extra tape added in several steps due to the holes for the binder. Get the tape as close to the holes as possible. I used a scalpel to tuck it around the holes.

9. Start adding embellishments, more paper, whatever you want. I used a bit of Hambly‘s woodgrain screenprint.

10. More paper from Studio Calico, as well as die-cut stickers from their Anthology collection. The small alphas are from Kaiser Craft, and of course, American Crafts Thickers in “Vera”.

11. All done!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial – and if you’ve made something similar, please share! 😀


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