Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration

22 Jan

You know how real estate agents say the only important thing is location, location, location? Well, for me it’s inspiration, inspiration, inspiration. Last week I ordered Céline‘s book Scrapbooking Inspiration et Techniques, and it finally arrived! I don’t care if it’s in French – the pictures are enough to satisfy me! So, since I’m on a caffeine rush after downing to rather large ice coffees in and hour and half, I’ll be browsing through the book now and get started on a new layout! Haven’t made anything in a week since I was gone last weekend and uni and work is crazy!

You see, I’m teaching two confirmation classes this spring for the Norwegian Humanist Association, Mondays and Thursdays, and last week I was on camp with one of my groups. I’m also doing my master’s and have had to catch up on reading this week. But, I received my kits from both Jenni Bowlin and Little Red Scrapbook this week, so I have lots of yummy things to use, as well as the newest Studio Calico kit.


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