Contacting Scrapook Trends

26 Dec

For my birthday in October, my husband got ma a subscription for Scrapbook Trends. Unfortunately, it was just after that month’s cut-off date, so I knew I wouldn’t be seeing a magazine for a little over a month. Two and a half month later, I have still not received any magazines, although his Mastercard was billed the day after he purchased the subscription. I/we have e-mailed the magazine about this twice, but not received a reply. We waited till December to e-mail them just in case shipping took longer than expected.

Have any of you managed to get in touch with them? Our immediate plan is to report them to Mastercard and have our money returned, but I’d rather not… You know, I’d rather get the subscription.


One Response to “Contacting Scrapook Trends”

  1. Mandi 02/01/2010 at 3:08 pm #

    I have tried contacting Scrapbook Trends before to no avail. They send my layout back to the wrong Amanda Johnson, even though my address was clearly imprinted inside of the box. They don’t seem to do too well with answering e-mails. But, they do seem to have their people trolling message boards and such, so my best guess would be (if you’re not ready to go to Mastercard just yet) to go on Two Peas’ message board and say something about it. If they see it, they’ll probably want to take care of the problem before their name gets dragged through the mud.
    Anyway, good luck!

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