30 Oct

What inspires you? Are you like me and need a gold star to get things done? Final exams are looming on the horizon and earlier this week I made a reading schedule for myself – each day from now till December 15th has a chapter or a couple of articles on them, and for every day I read what I’m supposed to, I get a gold star.

Maybe not the right strategy when it comes to scrapbooking? I thought I’d share a couple of links and show what inspires and motives me.

I went shopping today and couldn’t help but pick up two new inspiration books, namely Love, Elsie Recipe Idea Box and Life Artist. I’ve got several other books as these on my shelf, and one I really like is The Me Book. Take a look around Amazon or any other big web book store, and you’ll find enough books trying to inspire you to last a life time. But there are several other ways to get your scrap on, too. If you don’t want to spend money on books, there are many, many challenge sites on the web. Here’s a collected list of some of my favorites:

Challenge blogs:

Gutter Girlz – A three-way challenge (song, prompt, technique or product) posted monthly.

Pencil Lines – New sketches every Sunday at 8pm GMT.

Got Sketch? – Great blog for finding new sketches often.

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal – you get the gist.

Skissedilla – Norwegian blog for weekly sketches.


Corporate blogs

Cosmo Cricket

Simply Handmade

Simply Handmade Blog

Studio Calico


Personal Blogs

Dirty Laundry

She Bangs

Little Corner of Ania

Just Something I Made


Please leave a comment to let me know what inspires you! 🙂


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