Gutter Girlz rock!

16 Oct

Finally! I can show you the layout I did as the October Guest over at Gutter Girlz! It was so much fun to be asked to be a guest designer, and even more fun to get the prompt over a week early! If you haven’t already, get started on this month’s prompt!

Tender. Human.
Afraid by Nelly Furtado
Bra Straps

1. The Prompt. This will be either a word or a theme for you to take however far you’d like into the gutter.
2. The Song. There will be a song that goes with our prompt theme. You can use it however you’d like. Lyrics, Title, or just the FEEL expressed in art form.
3. Technique or Product. An item or technique that we will ask you to use in your work.

How it works: You can chose to do all three in ONE project, or you can do each part on it’s own OR you can do one or two!! What we’re trying to say is, HOW you create is really up to you. You will be entered to win our prize by leaving a comment with a link to your creations in the comments area of the challenge you created in response to. To be eligible for the prize each month, comments with links need to be left by midnight on the 12th before the next prompt comes out on the 15th. (in other words, if you took part in the prompt given on January 15th, you need to leave a comment with your link by midnight the night of February 12th.)

side 56 - Tender.Human.

What are you waiting for?! Get scrappin’!


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