Sunday scrapping

3 Aug

It seems I’m on a creative roll these days – so completely opposite of how I usually am. For example, I’ll just complete a 30-45 minutes workout on the Wii, get breakfast and a shower and then it’s back to the desk, papers and embellishments: I’ve got a card brewing. Another example is the two layout I made yesterday. “Two?” you might think – “How’s that remarkable”. Maybe not for some, but for me it is. Last week Elisabeth asked me how long I’ve been scrapbooking. A little over a year, I told her, the truth being 18 months. Yet, I haven’t made more than 43 layouts, yesterday’s two included. That’s 2.4 layouts per month. Not great.

Saturday was a relaxed day and I got the chance to get pictures of Sandor and Terje together. Thus, “Nap time” was created, with inspiration from “Bookworm”.

side 43 - nap time

side 43 - nap time detalj

side 43 - nap time detalj 2

“No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap” – Carrie Snow

The journaling reads, loosely translated: “Everyone knows sleep is the best thing in the world, so when Terje decided to get a nap, it wasn’t long ’till Sandor joined him”

The other layout is one I’ve had cooking for some time now. I got these gorgeous Melissa Frances wing-embellishments earlier this year, several months ago, but I haven’t had a layout-idea where they’ve fit. I’ve had several ideas, but none that’s translated out into the real world. The Ghost came along. White cats have always fascinated me. It’s a rare sight, but a beautiful one at that, and he’s proved to be a kitty of the posing kind. I’ve also wanted to make something with this collection of Webster’s Pages, but find it hard due to the very cute and romantic feel, but with the lyrics from “Maybe an Angel” by Heather Nova (one of my favorite songs), the Thickers, the pearls and everything else, it came together quite nicely!

side 44 - angel

side 44 - angel detalj

side 44 - angel detalj 2

side 44 - angel detalj 3

And I promise, the next layout I’ll post won’t be cat-related! Promise!


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