New best friends?

31 Jul

Yesterday I went to the monthly crop at Scrapshop – since it’s the middle of the summer, there were fewer scrappers and cardmakers there than there usual is, but it was just as fun and social!

I only had one LO planed; our two new cats, Sandor (the tiger) and Ghost (the white). Ghost came to us only two weeks ago and was not used to people when we got him. He hissed at us and hid for the first few days, but once I got him on my lap (simply picked him up, he wasn’t dangerous) he proved to be a true cuddle-kitty. He’s still very shy and it’ll be a long time till he trusts us completely. Sandor is two weeks older, 4 months old tomorrow. We’ve had him since the beginning of June. He is Ghost’s true opposite – a bit brash and  and very trusting. Put together, opposites truly attracts and they’ve become fast friends.

I find it hard to create anything “masculine”, but with My Mind’s Eye summer collection, it was like a dream. I’m no surfer, but the patterns attracted me the minute I saw them. Luckily, two of the stores here have them in stock, so I got to stock up quite a bit.

Side 42 - new best friends-2

Side 42 - new best friends-1

Side 42 - new best friends-3

I also got the chance to pick up something I’ve wanted for some time now. Ever since moving in April, I’ve had my own room – for studying, writing, and… crafting. The desk is set right before the window, but the iMac and the extra screen is kinda blocking the light out. And I don’t have proper light in here. But yesterday I picked up an Ott-Lite (and for a nice price as well, I might add!). I set it up when I got home and even my husband was a bit impressed (“for that price, it’d better be good!”). Can’t wait to create something with this on my desk! Watch this space – it won’t be long before there’s something new!


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