1 May

There hasn’t been a lot of paper crafts around here lately. In March, we bought our own apartment, and then we moved and went on holiday at the same time, more or less. Moving gave me a room of my own for studying/writing, as well as crafting. I fially have some sort of system for both books and craft-stuff! I’ve also been busy writing my second BA-thesis. But finally, last week, I went to a scrapbooking class held by Oddbjørg, and there we made a shabby chic LO based on one of her sketches.

Since this was a shabby chic layout, I made the frame that holds it shabby chic as well. After the class, I got one of those magnetic 12×12 frames – the frame opens at the front, making it easy to change the layout inside. Got acrylic varnish and crackle glace, and over the weekend I changed the frame’s appearance quite drastically. Of course, being the ultimate perfectionist (at least when it comes to certain things), I re-did a few spots more than once. When all is said and done, I quite like the frame. It won’t suit every layout that I make, but I can exhibit layouts on small easels as well!

It was nice, but challenging to move out of my comfort zone. Doing exactly that is something I’m working on at the moment. I’m fairly new to scrapbooking, and so fair, I feel that I have made most of my layouts pretty simple. Nothing wrong with that, by any means, but I’ve always held a liking for vintage! Doing the class showed me that I can if I try, so the very next day I went to Familieskatter (the most scary thing about moving is that I can walk there in five minutes!) and got some of those small roses you can see in the layout as well as some big ones, and I’ve never been much of a flower girl.


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